N O . 1 A Z E L Ő Z Ő H Ó N A P B A N NO. 1 . N O . 1 A Z E L Ő Z Ő H Ó N A P B A N NO. 1 .

The ads posting on the website must follow the regulations below:

1. Regulations of content

The ads must ensure the minimum information required by the posting interface is completed.

The ads shows content about rental property.

The ads has honest, accurate and still valid content.

Each ad posted represents only a specific property which specifies the address of the rental property. The administrator has the proper to remove or ask the users to correct their ads if it seems that an ads refers to many properties or doesn't have a transparent address.

Members or customers must not post duplicated ads. in case the administrator detects that duplicated advertisements are posted, they'll be deleted.

The image attached to the ads must be faithful the advertised property or the model of the important estate project on the ads. Don't copy and use images of other land to advertise the private properties. Don't use logos, images, videos related to or linked to non-public websites, or other entities.

2. Regulations of form
The ads are written in Vietnamese accented or English, correct spelling, only capitalization of sentence and proper nouns, don't insert special and unnecessary characters within the content of the ads.
The ads don't contain words, vulgar images, violations of fine customs, social ethics, image infringement of copyright or violations of national security, violations, religious and political discrimination , ethnic discrimination, complexion .
The ads must be posted within the proper category of the website.
3. Process of posting an advertisement
Only members of the website can post ads, non-members can only monitor the ads posted on the website and send messages to the advertiser through Thuecanho.com.
Process of posting an ad:
Access to the Website;
Login the Website with the registered account;
Click the "Place an ad" button, fill in the required information and complete the posting process;
Click on "Ad management" button to edit or delete the ads, see the amount of views, and reply to the message received from the viewers.
4. Responsibilities of the advertisers
The advertisers is responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the ads, images and videos provided by them. just in case of violating the law or a dispute occurs with others, the advertisers are fully liable for that.
After being posted, the ads will be moderated and controlled by the administrator. just in case of failure to satisfy the regulations prescribed above the administrator has the proper to delete the ads without informing to the advertisers.
5. Regulations of commenting on the website
Members and Customers accessing the web site are allowed to send messages to the advertisers through the website, by leaving an email and telephone number, but must ensure compliance with the regulations of form and content laid out in Article 1 and Article 2 of this Regulation.
Members are allowed to manage the messages they sent, delete, block inappropriate messages and notify the Administration about invalid messages.
The administrator exercises the proper to manage all activities of the articles and messages on the website, delete and block all emails, phone numbers, also as messages violating the regulations on content and forms prescribed during this regulation.